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Intercon Dubrovnik is travel agency and respectable Croatian DMC – Destination Management Company. Since 1995 Intercon Dubrovnik has been providing high quality service in Dubrovnik destination. From its humble beginnings as travel tour and rent a car agency, it rose to become a prominent travel agency, a member of UHPA, in Dubrovnik and its surrounding and the whole of Croatia. Throughout the years in travel business it has fostered close relationships with agencies in Italy, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Intercon Travel is based in Dubrovnik, Croatia. It employs 5 members of staff full time and over fifty freelancers depending on the size and the nature of the business project. I

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  • Address: Dr. A. Starcevica 25
  • Work area: Dalmatia - Dubrovnik area
  • OIB:
  • Advertising Type: Premium (Partner)
  • Working Hours: 8-16

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Company activities

  •  Motor Yacht Charter
  •  Hotels
  •  Taxi and transfers

We speak

  •  German
  •  English

Recent Boats

Salona 44
  • For 8 persons
  • Length: 13.50m
Elan 434
  • For 8 persons
  • Length: 13.41m
Elan Kiim Power 38 HT ( Rina 2) + REFIT 2014
  • For 4 persons
  • Length: 11.80m
Salona 60
  • For 0 persons
  • Length: 19.20m
Elan 344
  • For 6 persons
  • Length: 10.30m
Salona 44 High performance racer II
  • For 8 persons
  • Length: 13.50m
Salona 44 High Performance Racer II (2014)
  • For 8 persons
  • Length: 13.50m
Nuova Jolly Prince 23 (Rent a RIB in Split)
  • For 7 persons
  • Length: 7.00m