Plumbing & Ventilation


Plumbing & Ventilation

The most important boat parts that must have great quality and be taken care of are the various systems that transfer liquids. The boat systems that you need to be very concerned are the freshwater, seawater, sanitary, sewage, fire, hydraulic, lube oil, and fuel / diesel oil systems. All are equally important for the smooth operation of your boat. By using the appropriate plumbing and ventilation equipment you prolong the longevity of the systems and retain their optimum operation.In MARINA Stores you can find Bilge Pumps, Float Switches, Bilge pump switches, Manual Bilge Pumps, General Purpose Pumps, Faucets, Showers & Accessories, Watertanks, Marine Toilets, Anti -Vent Loops, Toilet Sanitizing & Cleaning, Hose Clamps, Plastic Thruhull Fittings, Lever operated ball valves, Ventilators and Dehumidifiers for you boat's best performance.

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