An engine it's the "heart" of your boat because simply, it gets you when you want to be. In order for that to happen anytime you desire it, you must keep your boat's engine in top shape! You realy don't want to get stuck in the middle of the sea due to a mechanical problem on your inboard or outboard engine. For avoiding this from happening you need to be careful with the maintainance of your boat's engine and also what every equipment and accessory you use on it in order to keep optimum performance.In this category you can find all the necessary equipment and accessories to keep your engine running at all times and perform at its best.Regular Boat Engine Maintenance TipsCheck the fuel line for cracks and worn spots - Look for the fuel primer bulb if it is not cracked and is pliable - Check if the fuel-line fittings seat properly and don't leak - Check the clamps on the fuel line for any signs of rust or corrosion - Always check the fuel tanks for any damages and corrosion - Make sure the tank vent aspirates properly - Be careful for any water in the fuel.

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