Frequently Asked Questions

What licences do I need to charter a yacht without a skipper

For a bareboat charter you are required to have a valid nautical licence, as well as the VHF certificate (both must be internationally valid or issued in Croatia). If you don’t have these, you can obtain them in all port Authorities in Croatia, after completing a short course and passing the test. You must have the original documents (not copies!) with you on board, and certified crew list. Read more in the bareboat charter section and in sailing regulations section.

I want to hire a skipper; what are our duties toward each other?

The skipper is in charge of driving the boat and keeping it in order (taking care of possible malfunctions, fuel supply). He is not responsible for cleaning the yacht but he will usually do it. He sleeps on board, and you must keep his sleeping place in mind when deciding upon the yacht size. You are also obligated to pay for his food (whether you eat out or on board) during the cruise.

At what time must we board and debark? How flexible is your company on that question?

The standard embark time is Saturday 5 pm, and disembark is Saturday morning (9 am at the latest). In the low season, spring and autumn time, it is possible to charter a yacht for more or less than a week, when we have more available yachts so it is easier to meet your requests.

What if I have to cancel my charter?

In case you must cancel a charter, you can either find someone else to charter the yacht instead of you, under the same conditions, or retain a certain amount of the fee:

  • 30% for cancellation at least 2 months before the charter starting date
  • 50% for cancellation at least 1 month before the charter starting date
  • 100% for cancellation within the last month before the charter starting date

Are your yachts insured, what is deposit money for and are there any additional charges we’ll have to pay?

All our yachts and crew members are covered with all-risk insurance. In case of accident, you are obligated to report it to us (your charter agency) as well as to the nearest Port Authority, who will assess the damage and liability. Security deposit (maximum 2,000 euros) is used as insurance in case of damage; it is given back to you upon return. The initial price includes the yacht with all standard equipment, bed linen, kitchen pottery and obligatory crew members (if any). Extra costs include an outboard engine, fuel, final cleaning, marina fees, additional crew and costs of eliminating damage made while the yacht was under your responsibility.

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