One more sailing destination where you can enjoy is Vis. A beautiful remote island surrounded by the central Dalmatian archipelago and its numerous small islands. Vis coast is extremely well-indented. This island was founded by its first settlers from Greece and they named it Issa. During its turbulent history Vis was managed by numerous different administration and region. Lady’s fortress is in the middle of town and the old tower is in the port. Islands Biševo and St. Andrew belong to Vis municipality as well as the island Komiža situated on the west side to Vis. Bisevo and Blue Cave are in the south-west coast of Vis. Vis and Komiza are considered to be larger towns on the island since almost 90% of inhabitants live in those two and town Vis has evolved from the former settlements Kut and Luka that were merged into one entity. The Vis harbour and marina is located on the western side of Viska Luka between Vis town and Kut, ideally protected places for mooring numerous sailing, catamarans and motor yachts coming from all over the world. Vis town is less sheltered than Kut and is susceptible to to the uncomfortable swell caused by south-easterly weather. Marina can be accommodated over 70 yachts so there is usually space for all in the bay.

Vis – tradition

Island Vis has its rich history and great gastronomy as well as tourist attractions. Throughout the world public is well acquainted with the secrets of Italian and French cuisine but those from Croatia, especially one primarily related to the Adriatic fish are jet to be discovered. One specific sort of fish – sardine marked the life of fishermen and farmers from Vis in particular. Like heavenly manna sardine ensured survival to poor people. In the past millennium most of the sardine fish was caught thanks to a special type of fishing boat typical for the south-west bay of the island Komiza. Fishermen from Komiza were hunting fish for centuries in large area of Vis archipelago with their small boats. They formed the largest fishing fleet in the Adriatic coast but nut just any fleet but the one of fast and elegant sailing boats – named Falkusa. In time of sails and oars they were sailing with those boats through open sea to the distant islands where they were fishing and treating sardines with salt.

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