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Maslinarska 13,Makarska

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About us: Croatian charter company Darmar for fast motor boats from Makarska can offer you a unique motorboats. Exceptionally quality and powerful fast motor boat for more days charter which, apart from modern design, offers space even to a larger groups of people for one-day trips and comfort of a home for a family and smaller groups for more days as well as taxi-services by sea to any destination for more persons. In our charter company besides taxi services we offer you a rental of additional equipment for water sports and fun. For separate taxi-service we ask you to make an arrangement in advance with our trip-organizing agent. Special discount is available should you rent one of luxurious villas

ACI Marina Skradin Obala Pavla Šubića 18 HR-2


About us: VHF:17 i 16 One of the most beautiful ACI marinas is located on the central Adriatic coast, at the mouth of the river Krka. ACI marina Skradin is open for boaters throughout the year, and is especially respected by owners of wooden boats who prefer to spend their winters here because of the unique combination of sea and fresh water. The marina and the miniature town of Skradin with its rich history, make a unique unit. Skradin can boas to having had the status of a town for more than 23 centuries! For many sailors the cozy atmosphere and a rich offer are the main reasons for choosing this transit destination where they can happily enjoy the exceptional cuisine and top quality Dalmatian wine

Puntica 7, HR-51521 Punat Hrvatska


About us: Marina Punat developed almost 40 years ago from a rich shipbuilding tradition. In most cases marinas are referred to in figures and statistics. As not every berth can be called a marina, not every marina can proudly be named the center of nautical tourism in Croatia. Marina Punat is specific for one reason – it's quality is confirmed by experienced seamen, and that is why it carries such a prestigious title. The first sailor, with whom the birth of the marina is related, was William R. Nesher. Back in 1962 the Punat shipyard was recommended to him on a fair in Zagreb as an excellent place to build wooden boats. The experienced sailor took the advice and three boats were built, symbolically n

ACI Marina Jezera Donji kraj bb HR-22242 Je


About us: VHF:17 Jezera has the reputation of being one of the most organised and best maintained towns in the Republic of Croatia, a town of fishermen and sailors which boasts a crystal clear sea, authentic traditions, quiet stone-paved streets and rich history since ancient times. Apart from h aving won five consecutive Blue Flower Awards - the most prestigious award given by the Croatian Tourist Board for the most beautiful town, Jezera is also proud of its ACI marina, one of the most awarded and most environmentally friendly nautical centres in north Dalmatia, and a Blue Flag winner. ACI marina Jezera on the island of Murter is located in the southern part of the Jezera Bay. It is protected by a

ACI Marina Piškera HR-22242 Jezera


About us: VHF:17 Piškera is an uninhabited island in the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea. Its surface area is only 2.66 square kilometres, and the highest peak is 127 meters above sea level. ACI marina is the only form of civilization disrupting the pristine nature, surrounded by a mosaic of islands and islets, rocks and lighthouses. Apart from the majestic breathtaking scenery, ACI Marina Piškera is particularly popular among yachtsmen because it is located in the middle of the National Park. ACI Marina Piškera is located between the islands of Piškera and Panitula vela, on the northern coast of Panitula vela, and there is an ACI flag at the most prominent point of the island. The marina provides


About us: do 10m 150,00HRK; 10-12m 200,00HRK; 12-14m 250,00HRK; 14-16m 300,00HRK; 16-18m 350,00HRK; 18-20m 450,00HRK; 20-25m 450,00HRK /dan(porez uračunat)

ACI Marina Vrboska HR-21463 Vrboska


About us: VHF:17 Although it is the smallest town on the island, Vrboska easily surpasses other towns with its beauty, primarily thanks to its specific geographical location. It is situated on the northern coast of the middle part of the island, deep in the bay at the end of a narrow, curving fjord. In the middle of the bay lies an island, and numerous small bridges extend across the canal, which is why Vrboska is sometimes called "Little Venice". Roman ruins show that the town has been inhabited since the Middle Ages, butthe oldest surviving monuments and old buildings date back to the 15th century. Impressive old houses in Gothic, Neo-Renaissance and Baroque style predominate in the town, along with

ILIRIJA d.d. Marina Kornati Obala Kneza Brani


About us:



About us:

ACI Marina Cres Jadranska obala 22 HR-51557


About us: The big ACI marina on the island of Cres is located in the middle of the largest, but also the most sparsely populated Adriatic island. Cres has long been a favourite destination for untouched nature lovers - among others, eco-activists from Europe and the whole world meet there, on account of protecting the griffon vultures that inhabit the island. Expectedly, the marina proudly bears the Blue Flag as recognition for perfectly clean water and environmental awareness of its management. In addition, in the "Tourist Flower - Quality for Croatia" campaign, the ACI Marina Cres won the second place in the competition for best marina in the Adriatic in 2009 and 2010, and in 2011 it was voted as th

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