BWA Sport 22 GT + Honda 150

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Price list

Date Price* (€)
01.06 - 01.07 250 € 199 Send enquiry
01.07 - 01.09 320 € 299 Send enquiry
01.09 - 01.10 250 € 199 Send enquiry
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Deposit: 500 €

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General Information

Make/model: BWA Sport 22 GT + Honda 150
Category: Charter - Bareboat
Year of manufacture: 2015
Length overall: 6.75 meters
Beam: 2.75 meters
Draft: 0.00 meters
Location: Marina Zadar, Dalmatia - Zadar area, CROATIA
Engine: Honda BF 150
Fuel: Benzine
Hull: Fiberglass
Fuel capacity: 150 liters
Number of cabins: 0
Number of crew cabins: 0
Number of berths: 0
Number of crew berths: 0
Drinking water capacity: 50 liters
Number of showers: 1
Number of toilets: 0

Description: The BWA Sport 22 is one of the leading members of the GT group and is in combination with Honda 150 also one of the most sought after and optimal boat-engine combinations. This exceptionally advanced inflatable boat with top-notch operating capabilities is a product of BWA’s many years of experience. With the length of 6.75 metres and width of 2.75 metres it offers plenty of space to crew members and passengers. As with most BWA inflatables, its tubes are slightly elevated above the water’s surface, which allows for exceptional piloting of the craft, gentle gliding through over 80 cm-high waves, and has a favourable 20% lower fuel consumption due to lesser water friction. An important advantage of piloting this vessel is also its angle when executing turns. Its hull is constructed in such a way that it allows for a tilt of up to 20 degrees at which the boat keeps course perfectly, doesn’t understeer and cuts through the waves with a raised bow. The driver operates the vessel from a centrally located console, sheltered by a big windscreen that offers great visibility. All surfaces are completely slip-resistant, which proves especially important during rough seas. The boat’s cushions are made of quality closed cell foam, which does not absorb water and are dressed in artificial heat-material, making laying on them a very pleasant experience. There is plenty of storage space for all your personal belongings, which will be safely stored in dry lidded compartments fitted with a lock. The manufacturer placed the fuel tank in the deck under the console in the centre of the vessel, thus maintaining a low centre of gravity regardless of the amount of fuel still in the reservoir. The boat offers you shelter from the scorching sun under its Bimini top made by a well-known manufacturer and which has been tested at speeds of up to 60 km/h or 32 NM/h. The Honda BF is a legendary and highly robust engine. The bases of this engine are of inbuilt parts of auto motors Honda Accord and CRV, which have been carefully redesigned by the manufacturer and adapted for nautical use. Through its development and use, the engine has been subject to a few minor modifications and upgrades and is now regarded as a reliable and economical product. It has a number of inbuilt displays, by which you can monitor the engines performance. It is also equipped with the famous Honda VTEC technology, which allows for geometrical changes in cam lobes and ECOmo (Lean Burn) systems that regulate the optimal mixture of fuel and air, thereby improving fuel efficiency. The boat can reach a maximum speed of 41.5 NM/h at 6.000 rev/min and consumes 51 lit/h. It reaches hull speed at 10.5 NM = 2.500 rev/min, using up 9 lit/h. The ideal fuel consumption and speed ratio is attained at 25 NM = 4000 rev/min with the fuel consumption at 18 lit/h. The BWA 22 GT with a Honda 150 engine is ideal for water-skiing, tubing and visiting remote beaches. You will be very positively surprised by its user-friendly control and excellent operating capabilities and will make sure that you’ll return from your holiday with a new positive experience.

Boat Locations

This boat is available at base:  Marina Zadar, Dalmatia - Zadar area, CROATIA

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